Semester recap: What I learned in CAP 105

After a long and hard fought battle with this past semester, everything seems to be falling into place nicely. Between all the tests, papers, and projects, I have come a long way from where I started out this semester and have learned a lot. Most importantly, I enjoyed everything that I have learned and done not just in my CAP 105 class, but in all of my classes. Despite all the enjoyment I have had and learning that I have done, though, I am writing to reflect only on the things that I have learned from CAP 105; fortunately, there is plenty to report on.

From creating my very first blog, to conducting a sprint with some of my classmates, to working with Adobe apps like Photoshop, InDesign, and PremierePro, I have enjoyed everything that I participated in over the course of this semester.

Starting with this blog, I have enjoyed taking the time to jot down some of my thoughts on many interesting topics. Although some posts have had more of a specific focus than others, I have still enjoyed looking further into the important aspects of my career path and reflecting on my findings. Doing this has not only been eye opening, but has also taught me how I am fully capable of educating myself at times, and how much power I have over my knowledge. Taking the time to do research that is not only interesting but also plays in integral role in my future is empowering. Although this semester is coming to an end, that doesn’t mean I will lose the ability to further my education.

When working with classmates in a sprint, I have found that I can work very effectively with others, especially when I am placed in a role where I feel more comfortable. In my group, I was a co-leader with one of my classmates, as we worked together on leading our group to success. Although our group did not win the challenge, we still put up a good fight, and created a product worth being proud of.

As a co-leader, I found myself to be very comfortable leading my team in the right direction. Coming up with a blueprint or an outline of what we wanted our final product to look like was exciting and again, empowering. I enjoyed working with my team to create a product that we all believed in, and especially under my guidance. It helped too that my workplace-1245776_640teammates were so engaging in the process and worked well with my ideas; everything seemed to fall into place under my supervision.

Because this was a learning experience and I had never participated in such an activity, I am not ashamed of falling short of first place, although it would have been nice. As a learning experience, I found that I have a natural ability to talk with others rather than to others in an efficient and effective manner that bodes well in a team environment, especially under such time constraints. I am hoping to find myself in a similar role in the future.

Finally, working with some of the apps in the Adobe Suite, I found it to be refreshing, exciting, frustrating, and entertaining. Because I had used some of Adobe’s apps in the past, I had a somewhat smooth transition back into the creative world. I may have needed a slight refresher, but for the most part, I found myself using each app effectively.

In terms of my excitement and frustration, I came to enjoy using each application and was excited to get back into class and either try something new with it or build on what I had already been working on. I was proud of everything that I completed, but know that I could have done more with more time.

My frustrations came when something failed to go the way that I had hoped. Although I had a rather smooth transition back into the Adobe world, not everything came easily. I found myself struggling with a few minor things over the course of use app’s use, but always found a way to come around and make things come together the way I had hoped. That was what I found to be most entertaining: the struggles that I was able to persevere through.

Overall, I believe that CAP 105 helped me grow as a future advertising and public relations employee, and I am excited to expand on what I have learned here and eventually apply it to the real world and my career.

Matt Henkel | GVSU | 10 April 2017


What I hope to gain from CAP 105

CAP 105 will cover many new fields for me, including basic information to take note of, applications on computers that I am new to, or even new ways to apply the work from an application that I am already somewhat familiar with. Over the course of this semester, I hope to learn more about the basic facts and ideas within the world of technology in advertising and public relations, learn more about how to use the applications and tools that will be utilized in the class, as well as how to apply them to the real world and my future career.

In high school I took a digital imaging class where we used some of the applications available in Adobe Suite. Over the course of using each one, I came to find that I was better at some than others and found some to be easier than others too; but regardless of my success with the apps, I enjoyed seeing what I could do with each application and looked forward to utilizing themphotoshop-1065296_1920 at some point in the future. Unfortunately, I have not had access to any of the applications in the Adobe Suite collection, and this semester will be the first time since then that I will be utilizing these apps. I am excited to see how much I still remember about these programs and applications, as well as how much I will be able to grow from them the second time around.

As for basic information, I want to become familiar enough with the applications used over the course of the semester that I am able to help or even teach my peers in the future with how to use these same programs.

Seeing as how my career will be in advertising and public relations and today’s technology is only becoming more sophisticated and utilized more frequently, it only makes sense for me to understand it all the best I can now rather than later. Minimally, I would like to use all of these programs and applications on my own without any help, whereas my highest goal is to be one of the best in the class with these resources and put myself ahead of the curve now.

Matt Henkel | GVSU | 24 January 2017