What I hope to gain from CAP 105

CAP 105 will cover many new fields for me, including basic information to take note of, applications on computers that I am new to, or even new ways to apply the work from an application that I am already somewhat familiar with. Over the course of this semester, I hope to learn more about the basic facts and ideas within the world of technology in advertising and public relations, learn more about how to use the applications and tools that will be utilized in the class, as well as how to apply them to the real world and my future career.

In high school I took a digital imaging class where we used some of the applications available in Adobe Suite. Over the course of using each one, I came to find that I was better at some than others and found some to be easier than others too; but regardless of my success with the apps, I enjoyed seeing what I could do with each application and looked forward to utilizing themphotoshop-1065296_1920 at some point in the future. Unfortunately, I have not had access to any of the applications in the Adobe Suite collection, and this semester will be the first time since then that I will be utilizing these apps. I am excited to see how much I still remember about these programs and applications, as well as how much I will be able to grow from them the second time around.

As for basic information, I want to become familiar enough with the applications used over the course of the semester that I am able to help or even teach my peers in the future with how to use these same programs.

Seeing as how my career will be in advertising and public relations and today’s technology is only becoming more sophisticated and utilized more frequently, it only makes sense for me to understand it all the best I can now rather than later. Minimally, I would like to use all of these programs and applications on my own without any help, whereas my highest goal is to be one of the best in the class with these resources and put myself ahead of the curve now.

Matt Henkel | GVSU | 24 January 2017