Tech trends of 2017: Ads on mobile devices

After previously elaborating on multiple advertising and public relations tech trends that look to take place over the course of 2017, I thought that I would take the time to focus my attention on what I believe is the most interesting of the few that I covered: ads on mobile devices.

Although many of us are already familiar with the idea of seeing an ad or two on our phones every once in a while, 2017 looks to turn it up a notch and makes ads appear much more frequently on mobile devices.

Below, I have shared a collection of photos posted on Flickr, a video uploaded to YouTube, and a podcast uploaded to SoundCloud in which I build on this topic of ads on phones, and further share my insight on what 2017 looks to bring to the table.

Photo Collage (Flickr):

Tech Trends of 2017: Ads on Mobile Devices

Video (YouTube):

Podcast (SoundCloud):


Matt Henkel | GVSU | 2 March 2017